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Does your charitable donation go to an actual charity?

by Sri Raghurama Somala, UIC senior Yellow jacket, informational clipboard, and a heart wrenching speech: the bane of any pedestrian. Outside shopping districts or on busy streets, selfless fundraisers are  practically ubiquitous. Sometimes it restores my faith in humanity that people … Continue reading

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Etsy: The Future of Conscious Corporations

by Warka Jabbar, UIC senior The first time that I encountered the website Etsy was during the time that I was transitioning from High school to College. I attended Knox College, a liberal arts private college where I felt underrepresented. … Continue reading

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The Aiding of Corporation Personhood by the U.S. Supreme Court

by Jacqueline Medina, UIC senior How have corporations managed to become people? Part of the reason corporations have acquired legal rights as people is due to various Supreme Court case decisions. Between 2000 through 2017, there have been two important … Continue reading

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Corporate Power and Social Movements: An Introduction to a Series of Student Blog Posts

by Paul Brian McInerney, Associate Professor and Director of the Center on Organizational Dynamics For-profit corporations are a defining feature of our time. They are responsible for many good things in contemporary society—they employ people and provide goods and services … Continue reading

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Finding “meso-level” community at SASE 2017

by Carla Ilten As someone studying the role of federation strategies in shaping the conditions for alternative organizations, it doesn’t happen all the time that you find yourself in one room with your “scientific community.” The Society for the Advancement … Continue reading

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Collaboration and Competition among Craft Brewers

by Paul-Brian McInerney Half Acre Brewing is a craft brewer in Chicago. Among the many beers they produce are several dozen that have been “Brewed with Friends.” Describing this selection of beers, Half Acre explains on their website, “Many of … Continue reading

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Notions of Authenticity: Technology Systems as Representations of Authentic Organizational Form

by Jerome M. Hendricks My current research explores the actions of intermediary firms in periods of rapid technological change. By asking how new developments in listening to and owning music have changed the music retail industry, I offer the independent … Continue reading

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